Bristols Presenta "Around a Song In Eighty Notes" Inspirada en Cortázar


Sábado 30 de mayo de 2015
22:00 horas

Canciones propias
y adaptaciones de temas de
Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds y The Cure.

Presentación de nueva canción inspirada y dedicada
a la figura y al genio de Julio Cortázar:
"Around a Song In Eighty Notes".

Entrada $ 40.

Hipólito Yrigoyen 2575
Mar del Plata

Letra de "Around a Song In Eighty Notes"

"There was a man who has wrote to see,
and try to open up our eyes with magic gleams.

Nobody can hear the sound of marching feet
when it has learnt the power to feed the world with a book.

As time floats by your hopscotch grow
turning into something we could feel as love.

Spread that chic yellow romance on a lonely bridge.

I guess is you the one who swore
to change our lifes forever more.

There's something in the air that makes me think you've reach eternity.

Jules, you've drawn a star for us.
So, no one's ever here on their own.

Jules, you play that jazz for us.
So, no one's ever here on their own."

En bandcamp: Bristols

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